Saturday, April 12, 2014

April Highlights Hidden Picture Freebie

[Hidden Pictures Preview]

Spring has sprung!  Your kiddos will love finding all of the pictures in this Spring themed Hidden Picture freebie!  Highlights Hidden pictures are great for practicing attention to detail and are just plain fun!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Dr. Seuss Read Alouds

While we all know there is just no substitute for reading aloud with your child, there are times when it would be nice to have someone else to do it for you.  Think those days when you have a long list of things to do, those days when your voice is cracking from the flu, or those days when you are driving on a long trip.  Instead of having your child watch a video, you might want to share some of these great Dr. Seuss Read Alouds.  Not only will they entertain your child, but it will increase their reading skills as well!

 Some other videos include:

Fox in Socks

The Lorax

Hop On Pop

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Free Math Text Books

If you are looking for some new resources for your math instruction, you may want to head over to How to Homeschool for Free where you can download 5 different math texts from the 1920's.  There are five different levels including:
 First Year In Numbers (grade 2) 
 Everyday Arithmetic Book 1 (grades 3 & 4) 
 Everyday Arithmetic Book 2 (grades 5 & 6)
 Everyday Arithmetic Book 3 (grades 7 & 8) 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Freebie Frozen Printables

Frozen Button Frozen Pre K Pack
I don't know about the children in your home, but I know that the children in my home LOVE, LOVE, (and did I mention LOVE?) Frozen.  We have seen it umpteen times and everyone in the house knows the lyrics to almost all of the songs.  I found this great freebie pack based on the movie from overthebigmoon.  Although it is too young for my kiddos, if you have a little one, you will want to grab this now!

Included in this Pre-K Pack is:

Prewriting Practice Sheets – Cutting Practice – Which one is different?
Finish the Pattern Sheet – Size Sequencing Sheet – Frozen Movie Strip Puzzle
4-piece Puzzles – Sorting Practice -Counting Practice Cards
Color Olaf -  2-Part Vocabulary Cards
Shadow Matching – Letter Ff Identification – Letter Ee Identification
Letter Aa Identification – Frozen Matching - Letter Aa Sorting Page

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Elmer's Giveaway

Ever since I was a little girl buying my own school supplies, I always picked Elmer's glue.  It just worked the best.  And even back then, I wondered how does glue work in the first place? It was only much later in life (in a college class no less) that I learned that glue was a polymer.  Well, I didn't want my own kiddos to wait until college to find out, because they were just as curious as I was and there are so many ways to learn about polymers that are super fun!  So, I was super excited when I was asked to review Elmer's The World of Glue - a cross-curricular investigation of adhesives for grades K-5.   The kit includes the book Too Much Glue along with lesson plans, ideas, and glue (and not just the plain old regular glue, but the fun glitter glue as well)!

Along with the kit, Elmer's has developed the Elmer's Teachers Club which is free to join for both teachers and homeschoolers alike.  The site is filled with lesson plan and project ideas for all ages!

Included in the kit are all the items above

The book Too Much Glue by Jason Lefebvre
The World of Glue Activity Booklet (22 pages of educational bliss)
3 bottles of Elmer's glue (I received the original, the natural, and the glitter versions)

One of the first things we noticed when we opened the book was that it was signed by the author!  My boys were beyond THRILLED!
The book itself was amazing!

I loved the illustrations and I have had this experience with at least one of my boys!  We later learned the "Dot, dot, not a lot" poem really quickly!
In addition to the beautiful illustrations, the text is very engaging and suitable for all sorts of teaching topics.

Just a few that came to my mind:
                                                     *  Onomatopeia
                                                     *   Similes
                                                     *   Adverbs
                                                     *   Descriptive writing
                                                     *   Vivid Verbs
                                                     *   Rhyming
                                                     *  Making Predictions

After reading the book, the guide recommends that you ask your child if they have ever wondered how glue was made.  Then the scientific exploration begins! The guide gives several activities including making your own glue, reading a non-fiction passage about Elmer's Glue, comparing and contrasting the different types of glues, writing to the author, making a timeline, interactive notebook pages, and more!

You can download the activity guide for FREE here.

And... if you are super lucky, you can win the whole kit just like the one I received by entering the Rafflecopter below!  Good luck!

  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Valentines Hidden Pictures Page Freebies

There is something motivational about coloring in a hidden picture!  Your kiddos will love this free division hidden number picture from MathWorksheets Land that is perfect for Valentine's Day.  Anytime you can get them to practice their math facts without whining is worth a million bucks to me!

Division Hidden Pictures Freebie

Color by Number - Freebie! Great for Valentine's Day or anytime of year! Use as morning work, a math center, homework, extra practice... whatever you'd like!
And for your little ones who are just learning their numbers, you can print out this freebie from the Busy Class On Teachers Pay Teachers.

Color by Number

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Highlights January 2014 Hidden Picture

Ring in the new year with this fun freebie from Highlights for Children.  Your kiddos will love hunting for the pictures as they build their concentration and attention to detail.

January 2014 Hidden Picture