About Me

I know that I have procrastinated about writing an all about me page for over 2 years a little bit, but better than never right?

So without further ado... Everything you always wanted to know ABOUT ME!

A very rare picture of me. I tend to like to be behind the camera instead of in front of it!

Curriculum Vitae: (I just used that because it sounded fancy)

Age: Not really anyone's business, but let's just say 30ish. And yes I am too young to have an 18 year old, I just had him at too young of an age, but that's another story!

Education: Bachelor's Degree in Accounting

Master's Degree in Elementary Education (to be completed Dec 2011 Woo Hoo!)

Misc Other Things I Do To Occupy My Time:

Mothering 6 boys - yes all boys!

Being a wonderful wife to Ryan.


Fernley City Councilman

Youth Theater Director/Ballet Dance Teacher

Blogging - Kind of Obvious on that one :)

My Family

(Updated August 2011)

Well, you already know me, and I am married to Ryan who never ceases to amaze me with his unwavering support and love. We have Parker who is 18, Powell who is 16, Palmer who is 15, (then the boys asked us to stop naming our children with the letter P) so then came Tyler who is 10, Cody who is 9, and finally Luke who is the baby of the family at 5.

Our Homeschooling Journey

When Parker was in 5th grade he began having trouble with his teacher at school. In addition to the fact that he was exceptionally bright, he also had a hard time interacting with his teacher and his peers. The principal told me, "He is doing Algebra, and we really don't know what to do with him. I think you should consider homeschooling him."

So... it started with Parker who ended up graduating at 16. He then began attending University of Nevada Reno (where mom was working on her Master's Degree in Education) and he completed his first semester with straight A's. Not too shabby.

Powell asked to be homeschooled for a few years when he was in late elementary and early middle school, but is currently attending our local high school.

Palmer was homeschooled for the same time, but will be going to our local high school starting this year as a sophomore.

The last three have also been a bit of a mix, with some homeschooling and some public schooling. Even when the boys are in public school, we supplement at home, because I firmly believe that parents are ultimately responsible for their children's education, and I don't want them to have "gaps".

After homeschooling for a few years (and loving it!) I decided to pursue a Master's Degree in Elementary Education because Accounting was just not my passion. I am now a licensed K-8 teacher (although not currently working in the school district) and will receive my Master's Degree in Dec. 2011 after completing my thesis.

My Homeschooling Beliefs:

I believe that every homeschooling parent must do what is best for their family. That being said, I will never tell another homeschooler that what they are doing is wrong, nor will I tell you that everything that I do is right. What I do works for my family, and I will offer advice and suggestions, but you must do what works best for yours.

Who Is Homeschooling Parent For?

I started this blog in 2009 as a source of information for homeschooling parents, but really any parent or teacher can use the ideas. Even if your child goes to public school, you may find a game or idea to help them in areas in which they are struggling.

Most of my posts are secular in nature, because I believe that religion is an area in which parents must decide what is right for their family. My church of choice may not be your church of choice, and that is o.k. I try to focus solely on the educational aspects, but I may recommend a resource that has a religious slant from time to time. If that interests you fine, if not, ignore the recommendation and try another!

So that's me and my blog in a novel nutshell. If you have any questions or concerns, you can always email me at kellys3ps@sbcglobal.net