Thursday, May 8, 2008

Making Your Own Flannel Board Stories

Would you love to have a flannel board for your child - but worried that you can't afford all those pricey sets? Now you can make your own! (Or have your child make a few sets for themselves!)

Step 1: Print out some coloring pages from the internet. This is a good site for finding some. If the pictures are too large you can always make them smaller by shrinking the images on a copier or scanner. (Or using Paint on your computer)

Step 2: Color in the pictures using colored pencils (doesn't fade or bleed)

Step 3:
Cut them out, laminate them in contact paper and stick either a magnetic strip on the back (for use on a white eraser board) or the loopy side of a piece of adhesive Velcro (for use on flannel).

Step 4: Keep sets stored in labeled manila envelopes

If you need to make your own flannel board, simply
cut two sides off of a large box so you have a large hinged piece of cardboard shaped rather like a large book that can open and close, then cover the outside in contact paper. Hot glue a large piece of felt to the inside.

Tip: You don't have to stick to coloring pages for your flannel board - Make letters, map pieces, numbers, etc. for a great learning toy that will grow with your child!

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