Saturday, October 16, 2010

MeeGenius Free ebooks for kids

  MeeGenius is an online library of picture books that kids can read independently or as a read along.  Books can be personalized with students names, just answer a few quick questions and the book is rewritten for you.  Each book comes with audio playback and word highlighting, perfect for beginning or struggling readers to read along.  
personalized ebooks for kids
These eBooks are displayed on a bookshelf – children will enjoy pulling the books out of this virtual bookshelf. In addition to offering its service for free on the site, MeeGenius offers a paid application for the iPhone; this app contains all the features of the site and delivers them on your Apple device.
personalized ebooks for children
personalised story books for kids
  • A large collection of personalized ebooks for children.
  • eBooks also come with audio playback.
  • To make them easier to follow, audio playback comes with word highlighting.
  • Parents can change characters’ names to make them more relatable.
  • The site also has paid iPhone / iPad applications.

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MeeGenius is a collection of free ebooks for kids, the stories are so nice and informative that every child take interest on it. It is our duty to give them the opportunity to develop positive self esteem within their body. Thanks a lot.