Saturday, December 4, 2010

Telling Time Lesson Plan

When the clock strikes one, a fun-loving mouse runs up the clock. But what happens when the clock strikes two? A cat gets hungry for mouse-tail stew . . . and the chase is on! Hour by hour, more animals - and even a few people - join in. The crowd charges into the barnyard, dashes through the kitchen, and eventually heads right into the middle of town. Keep your eye on the many clocks in this book and follow along until this twelve-hour race comes to a surprising end!

This book would be perfect to use to reinforce time telling practice! The familiar nursery-rhyme on page one will have students chuckling, but the rhymes only get funnier as the story goes on!
Hickory dickory dock,
a mouse ran up the clock.
The clock struck ONE.
He said, "What fun!"
(But the mouse was in for a shock.)

Hickory dicory doo, the grandfather clock struck two.
It woke the cat, who sprang from his mat,
hungry for mouse-tail stew.

Hickory dickory dore,
the dashed across the floor,
splattering food (how terribly rude)
as the cuckoo cuckooed four.
Read the book first with your child, so he or she is familiar with the rhyming text and notice the clock on each page, how the time is noted. A day later reread the book, giving them  a  practice clock.  If you don't have one, you can make one here. Instead of reading the book from front to back, I would read the pages randomly, asking the child to make their own clock read the time that is read in the riddle.

Learning Activities:

Practice telling time to the hour with this worksheet.

Practice telling time with this fun math center. 

Practice telling time with this worksheet.

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