Sunday, October 9, 2011

Candy Corn Math Activity

There is something about combining candy with math that makes math a little more enticing for kids.  My boys absolutely LOVE candy corn, so I decided to make a math activity that incorporated this fall favorite.


* 1 package of mixed candy corn (I grabbed the wrong one at the store, but we made it work anyway)

* Candy Corn Tasting Math Activity Worksheet


1. Print out the Candy Corn Tasting Math Activity Worksheet here.

2. Give your child a handful of mixed candy corn and have them determine the fractions of each kind and graph.

There are also some writing activities included as well.

Here are some more candy corn activities:

Candy Corn Multiplication

Candy Corn Template

The Candy Corn Contest Reading Comprehension Test

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Sharla said...

anything involving candy corn sounds good to me!