Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Little Red Hen

November is a great time to study the story of the Little Red Hen who couldn't find anybody to help her bake the bread, but plenty of animals who would help her eat it!  Here are some activities to go along with the story:


Have your child read this fun Rebus Version of the Little Red Hen.

After reading ths story ask your child the following questions:

1. How would you describe the hen?
2. How would you describe the other characters?
3. In what ways are they alike? In what ways are they different?
4. How do you think the Little Red Hen felt doing all of the work by herself.

Your kiddos will love retelling the story with this activity.

Here is a Little Red Hen activity packet.

Little Red Hen Letter Matching Cards

Letter Matching Spelling Cards

Practice reading color words with this emergent reader.


Little Red Hen Counting Cards

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