Sunday, December 1, 2013

Vowel Sound Videos

If your kids are beginning readers working on vowel sounds, they will LOVE the videos below!

Vowel Bat (kids song by Shari Sloane)

The Magic E Song Kids TV 123

Super "e"!!!!!!!!! (hip children's song by Mark D. Pencil) (Preview)

The Electric Company | "Silent e" music video | PBS KIDS GO! (Preview)

Silent 'e' - Silhouette Blends (The Electric Company) (Preview)

The Sight Word Song- (High-frequency word song/rap for kids) (Preview)

Two Letters Go Together (Jack Hartmann)

Magic e (Preview)

When Two Vowels Go Walking ( (Preview)

Learn To Blend! Elf Kids Videos   (Preview)

The Electric Company - Question Marks, Periods, Exclamations (Preview)

Veronica Jackson - "Bossy R" Music Video (The Electric Company) (Preview)

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