Sunday, February 13, 2011

Live Owl Cam

The boys and I have become quite addicted to watching the live owl cam here.  Mama owl, Sydney is waiting on the arrival of her new baby owls.  I wanted to share the link with you now, and I am working on some owl resources for my kiddos that I will share as soon as I put them up!


Practice writing the word owl with this handwriting worksheet.


Practice multiplication with this owl themed worksheet.


Your kiddos will love making this adorable owl craft.


Read Owl Moon by Jane Yolen, then answer the reading comprehension questions and math journal questions here.

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RedTedArt said...

Oh! I HAVE to show that owl cam to my son... he would be SO interested - esp once the babies are there. How cool....

And love your owl craft! Very very cuuuhooot (sorry couldn't resist the pun).

Thanks for linking up to Kids Get Crafty!