Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Power of Nature - Guided Reading Book

You can download and print a copy of The Power of Nature here. 

Before reading:

Read the title and names of the authors.  Ask:

• What do you see in the cover photograph? Have you ever seen trees look like this? What was happening at the time?

  • Read the headings with your child.  Explain that headings can help a reader to  preview the information that will be presented in the book.
  • Say: I want you to find out about storms and other forces of nature and how thesecan harm people and other things. Monitor reading and provide support when necessary.
After Reading:

Ask Your Child:

  • In what ways can an earthquake hurt us?
  • If you were a scientist, which natural force discussed in the book would you most want to study? Why?
In what ways can a  tornado hurt us?

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