Sunday, May 13, 2012

Real Estate Area and Perimeter Game

I love this fun game that teaches area and perimeter from G. Sims "Husker" in her review of Dice in Dice on Amazon. She calls it the Real Estate Game.

You will need:

Graph paper
colored pencils
Dice in Dice (you could alternatively just use 2 dice)

(you might want to consider laminating a few grids of graph paper and use dry erase markers instead to make it re-usable).

 To Play:

1. Roll one dice in dice (or set of two dice) and use those numbers as the sides of the area of your land plot.
2. Draw a line around your plot. The line forms the perimeter of your plot.
3. Write the multiplication problem in your plot.
4. Color in your plot with a colored pencil. You will be coloring in the area of the plot.

This game is played in pairs. When there is no more room to place your next plot of land, the game is over. The player with the most land area is the winner.

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