Saturday, May 19, 2012

Using Quotes For Writing Prompts

I love great quotes!  Did you know that quotes can also make great writing prompts. Provide a quote a day or a week to get your kiddo thinking.  Read the quote together, and give your child time to think about it. Take a few minutes to discuss what the quote might mean. 

Analyze the quote looking for excellent word choice or interesting word play.  An example might be Rudy Benton's quote, "7 days without exercise makes one weak".  Discuss with your child how the word "weak" is spelled referring not to the number of days in a week, but the fact that if we don't exercise, we become physically weaker.

Ask your child to respond in writing to the quote.  Do they agree or disagree with what the person had to say.  Why or why not?  They could also respond to one or more of the prompts below:
  • Describe a time when you or someone you know demonstrated the main idea of this quote.
  • Why do you think the speaker was prompted to say this?
  • What do you think the quote means?
  • How can you use this quote to help you in your daily life?

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