Sunday, November 30, 2008

Reindeer Facts

Help your child to learn more about reindeers with this fun project!


Brown construction paper
white paper (construction or lined)
crayon or markers


1. Have your child trace his/her hands on brown construction paper for the antlers.

2. Fold one piece of brown construction paper and several pieces of white paper to make a triangle ( you may need to cut the paper into a square first). Staple the pieces together with the antlers on top.

3. Have your child draw the eyes and nose on the reindeer with crayons markers.

4. Have your child write the following facts about reindeers on the pages inside their book.

  • Both male and female reindeer have antlers.
  • Reindeer live where it is cold and snowy.
  • Reindeer use their hooves to find food beneath the snow.
  • Reindeer travel in large herds.

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