Sunday, November 16, 2008

Learning About The Constitution

Read about the Constitution:




Make a Lapbook:

What is the Constitution Activity Sheet - Write about the purpose of the constitution and when it was written.

Amendments - Answer some questions about amendments.

Bill of Rights - Write each one of the first ten amendments.

Preamble - Copy work - Copy the Preamble to the Constitution.

Framers - Answer some questions about the Framers of the Constitution.

Delegates - Write the names of some of the delegates.

The Virginia Plan - Answer some questions about the Virginia Plan.

Separation of Powers - Define separation of powers.

Checks and Balances - List checks for each branch of government.

Executive Branch - Answer questions about the President and Vice-President.

Legislative Branch - Answer questions about Senators and Representatives.

Judicial Branch - Answer questions about the judicial branch of government.

Impeachment - Define impeachment.

Path of a Bill - Draw a flow chart showing how a bill becomes a law.

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