Sunday, November 30, 2008

What Sense Are They Using?

I just learned about something interesting... You can see what sense a person is using when they are thinking about someting by watching the direction their eyes move! Try it out by asking someone to recall a pleasant memory then look at their eyes!Here is what their eye movements might tell you:

  • If they are remembering a scene, they are probably looking up to their left & if they are imagining a scene then they are probably looking up to the right.

  • If they are looking up, they might be remembering a smell.

  • If they are looking ahead into the middle distance, they are probably using more than one of the systems.

  • If they are looking to the right, they may be imagining sounds, & to the left they might be remembering sounds.

  • If they are looking down to the right they are feeling something through the body about the scene, & down to the left, they might be remembering an associated emotion.
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    And lastly. if they are looking down, they may be remembering a taste.

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