Saturday, June 12, 2010

Explore Anne Frank's hiding place

Today marks the anniversary of Anne Frank’s birth. During World War II, her family hid from German occupying forces. They were eventually discovered, and Anne later died in a Jewish concentration camp.

Anne Frank left behind a diary chronicling the time of hiding. It has since become a defining story of World War II. And now you can explore it in even more depth.

This site is an amazing companion to the Diary of Anne Frank. It contains detailed biographies of the people involved. And you’ll see a timeline of the diary's events.

But most impressively, it accurately recreates Anne Frank's hiding place. You can interactively move through the rooms. You’ll see them as they were at the time.

Portions of the diary are narrated for each room. The portions are linked to the rooms where they were likely written. It brings the events to life in dramatic way.

Anne Frank's Hiding Place

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