Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer Reading Tips

Not every family homeschools during the summer, which means that reading may not be on their list of priorities. However, it’s very important to keep their minds working during these summer months to make sure when school starts back in the fall they are on track and ready to learn. Here are some tips for motivating kids to read this summer:

  • Combine activities with books. We have a chocolate factory nearby that the boys have been dying to visit! I made them a deal that if we read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Chocolate Fever I would take them to it. If you are taking a vacation - see if you can find a book that fits with it!
  • Monkey See Monkey Do. Show kids that you love to read by reading each day. Share an interesting fact you read in the paper or a funny quote from a book you are reading.
  • Relax the rules. Summer is a time when children can read what, when, and how they please. Don't worry about  goals or pages read, and don’t force kids to read something they’re not interested in.
  • Visit the library. It’s got thousands of books and audiobooks to borrow, computers to use, and magazines to leaf through. Make the library your “go-to” destination for the summer.
  • Think outside the book. Recognize that reading can happen in many formats, from eBooks to magazines to online read-along stories.

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