Sunday, August 15, 2010

Math TV

If you are having difficulty explaining math concepts to your child, you may want to head over to Math TV for their free math videos that offer step-by-step explanations for all sorts of problems.  Each concept has several teachers who offer explanations with various ways of solving the problems.


Anonymous said...

Another great online resource that is sure to engage your K-3 kids is a math game from DreamBx Learning. It is great because it plays like a game, but advances with your child, providing an individualized curriculum for them and feedback for you, the parent.  You will be able o track your childs progress as they play the game. Kids build understanding and concepts through character-based math adventures and games. See where they’re really at as they explore motivating math learning through a comprehensive Parent Dashboard.  Try the free 14 day trial at

Heather said...

2 other great resources...TimezAttack and Khan Academy! TimezAttack is a fun game that incorporates learning multiplication facts, and Khan Academy is a bunch of online lessons presented in a very practical way. Mostly math subjects from basic addition all the way up to complex college math. Also other subjects like finances and science related things.