Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fine Motor Skills

Think of all the activities your child needs to do that use fine motor skill, coordination, and motor planning. Building with legos, writing, drawing and cutting, connecting dots, using play doh, catching and throwing a ball, just to name a few.
These skills can easily be improved through a bit of practice.
Here are a few links to pages that provide this practice: will allow you to print ready-made practice papers, as well as create a wide range of shapes with varying degrees of difficulty.

Occupational Therapy Plan will provide fun project ideas that involve cutting.

 One of our favorite practice activities uses an inexpensive paper plate. Use a marker to draw a spiral from the center of the plate out, keeping the lines about an inch or two apart and ending the line at the very edge. Next have the child cut on the spiral line all the way to the center.



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