Sunday, September 5, 2010

Measuring with Measuring Tape

Have your child practice measurement with measuring tape and the following questions:

1. Measure the kitchen table. How wide is it? How tall is it? How long is it?
2. Measure the front door. How wide is it? How tall is it?
3. Measure the kitchen floor. How wide is it?
4. Find an object to measure. How wide is it? How tall is it? How long is it?
5. PERIMETER is the length around an object. Look back at your measurements of the kitchen table. What is the perimeter? (Add the length of the 2 longest sides + the width of the 2 shortest sides together. This will = the perimeter.)
6. AREA is the total of all space inside an object. Look at your measurements from the front door. What is the area? (Multiply the height of the door x the width of the door. This will = the area.)

For more measurement practice, try these worksheets:

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