Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Magic Pot Lesson Plan


Before Reading:
* Explain to your child that this author “retold” the story. The cover reads, “as told by.” Explain how tales are passed down from generation to generation.

* Ask your child to share ideas of what “magic” means to them.
* Ask your child  if he/she thinks that the story is real or make-believe. Ask what is another word for a story that is not real (fiction).
* Ask your child to predict what might happen in the story and what the story will be about.

After Reading:

Questions for Assessing  Comprehension:
1. Who are the characters in the story?
2. Where did the story take place?
3. What happened to the woodcutter?
4. What was the problem in the story?
5. How did the characters solve the problem?
6. Why was the pot magic?

Try this Magic Pot Phonics Worksheet to find words that start with the same beginning sound as pot.

Retell the story with this Magic Pot Sequencing Activity.

Here is a version of the story for older kiddos to read.


* Introduce vocabulary words by saying them aloud while writing them on a board or piece of paper: woodcutter, pot, haunted, coins, savings, echo, elegant, fortunate, and magic. 
* Asks child to go through the book and locate the new words.
* Ask child to read aloud the sentences from the story that contain the new words.
* Print out the Magic Pot“Vocabulary” worksheet for your child to complete.

Writing Prompt:

Ask your  child what they would put into the magic pot? Why?  In their writing journal. have them draw something they would like to put into the magic pot. Then have child write a paragraph about why the object was chosen and what they would do after the object was doubled.

Here is an easier version for beginning writers.


*Reminds your child that the pot in the story was magical because every time something was put into the pot, the something “doubled.” (When the woodcutter put in one ax, two axes came out.).

Try this activity with your child to practice doubling. 

Practice adding doubles with this Magic Pot worksheet.

For more practice try this worksheet

Practice multiplication with this worksheet

Math Journal Prompt:

Suppose you are given the choice between receiving a lump sum of 100 coins OR receiving only 5 coins with a Magic Doubling Pot that doubles everything that is put into it and that can be used exactly 10 times. Which option would get you the most coins? Explain how you determined your choice.

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Janet Wagner said...

What a wonderful resource! I am a homeschooling aunt, and I bookmarked your site to return to for more ideas! Thank you! I really like how you've integrated all subject areas within this lesson plan! Best wishes for your site's continued success!