Monday, September 5, 2011

Math Dice Games

There is something about rolling a pair of dice that makes math so much more fun than filling out worksheets!  I found this large pair of dice (the bigger the better in my boys' opinion) at the dollar tree, and we have been having tons of fun practicing math!

Here are a few ideas:

For the younger ones:

Greater or less than: Roll both dice and determine which number is bigger. You can have the child write on a dry erase board to practice writing the greater or less than symbol if they are ready.

Addition:  Have your child add the dots on both dice together.

Subtraction: Have your child subtract the smaller number from the larger number.

For older kiddos:

Multiplication: Have your child multiply the numbers together.

Fractions: What fractions can your child make with the numbers they roll?  If they use the larger number as the numerator, they can practice working with mixed numerals.

Dice Number Writing Practice

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Greater, less than, or equal to game

Nuts about Numbers Game

Butterfly Addition

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