Sunday, September 11, 2011

Place Value Teaching Resources

I love this idea for teaching place value from Yearn To Learn!  You can make your own by laminating a piece of construction paper with 3 index cards and these place value labels.  Because it is laminated, your child can re-use it with a dry or wet erase marker.  Simply say a number out loud to your child, such as four hundred fifty three above, and have your child right it in the right place value.  You can differentiate this activity for different ages and abilities by simply adding another section as shown below:
You could even add decimal places for your older kiddos. I love when you can teach multiple levels at once!

Here are some more resources for learning about place value:

100 or Bust Place Value Game

Place Value Color, Cut, and Paste to Ten Thousands

Place Value Color, Cut, and Paste to Hundred Thousands

Place Value Color, Cut, and Paste to Millions

Phone Book Math

Writing Numbers in Expanded Form

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Tracy said...

I like that idea! I've also used lined paper but turned it sideways - that works to help my DS's penmanship stay in straight lines when adding/subtracting/etc.