Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Earth Science Resources

Nova has some amazing Earth Science resources for your older kiddos to check out.

The following NOVA resources will introduce students to the mysterious and sometimes violent functions of our planet. They will have an opportunity to explore ideas and concepts ranging from seismic shifts that cause destructive earthquakes to volcanic eruptions large enough to affect Earth's fluctuating climate and vegetation.

What does the anatomy of a volcano look like?

Explore the basic geological features of a volcano like Mt. St. Helens, as well as the deadly materials released during volcanic eruptions.

Interactive, Grades 6-9

How does vegetation change through the seasons?

In this interactive, learn how the distribution of Earth's vegetation varies from season to season.

Interactive, 6-12

What can we find on the arctic seafloor?

Explore the seabed of the Arctic Ocean with some of the first imagery ever shot of landscapes and life-forms that no one knew existed.

Interactive, Grades 6-12

How does climate change?

This video segment describes climate data that suggest the Earth has undergone dramatic climate shifts in relatively short spans of time.

Video (5m 49s), Grades 6-12

Can we predict earthquakes?

In this video, a team of U.S. geologists travel to Haiti after a large earthquake to try and determine if and when another quake will strike.

Video, Grades 6-12

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