Saturday, January 7, 2012

Learning With Playdough

My boys love playdough, both the store kind and the homemade kind.  But besides playing with it, did you know that you could use playdough for learning as well?  Here are a few ideas:

Learning the letters of the alphabet - Have your child create the letters of the alphabet with playdough.  If they are passed this, you could also say, "Show me the beginning sound of dog" and have your child create the letter d.

Retell the story - Have your child use playdough to retell a story they have just read (or that you have read to them).

Math Facts - Your child can model math sentences using playdough.

Science- Have your child use playdough to model life cycles of animals such as a frog or a butterfly.

Geography - Have your child use the playdough to make a map of your state.

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home school diploma said...

Thank you for the wonderful ideas for homeschooling. My kids will love this. Creative and fun.