Saturday, January 14, 2012

Factor Samurai App

A while back my kids got me addicted to Fruit Ninja.  And although it is a fun little diversion, it is not really a learning game - and I love when my kiddos play learning games!  So, today, I found Factor Samurai!
It is very similar to Fruit Ninja - only you slice composite numbers and try to avoid prime numbers.

Your child can select from a variety of levels from Grasshopper for beginners (which features smaller numbers) up to Master. 
In this instance, your child would slice the 8 which would in turn break into 2 and 4, and your child would have to slice the 4 as it is another composite number.  Super fun, and your kiddos will have no idea they are learning! 

That is if you are unlike me, and you don't become addicted to it yourself!

Best part?  The app is free at the itunes app store!

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