Sunday, January 8, 2012

That Quiz

I am seriously loving That Quiz - especially for my older boys.  The site offers free multiple choice tests that grade and keep track of your kids scores.  You can choose and level tests as you like both from the site and from other teachers as well.  You could also set up your own tests based on materials your kiddos are working on.  The best part is that the service is completely FREE!

From the site:
What is ThatQuiz?
  • A free service for teachers who want to replace paper tests with online testing.
  • An online grade book providing fast analysis of class and individual student progress.
  • An exchange for teachers to share the resources they create.
  • A skills site for students, especially useful for math practice and testing.

Who uses it?
  • Students all over the world, at home and at school.
  • Math teachers. Science teachers. Language teachers. All kinds of teachers.
  • You, if you want to spend less time grading and more time teaching. 

That Quiz

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