Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Double the Ducks Lesson Plan

The young cowboy in this fun book has his two hands full with five little ducks. They need three sacks of food and four bundles of hay. And when they each bring home a friend, it's twice as much work. For 10 little ducks, he needs double the food, double the hay and double the hands!

The first step in mastering basic addition is adding a number to itself (for example, 3+3), and this book helps children to do that. 

Here are some more ideas for doubling the fun:

* After you've read the story together once, reread the story, using small objects such as buttons, marbles, or blocks. Ask the child "double the number" of objects to match the storyline.

* Tell the child that you've thought of a number and then doubled it. Then say what the doubled number is and ask if he, or she, can figure out what the original number was. (For example, if the doubled number is 10, the correct answer is 5.) If the child has difficulty, use a group of small objects-buttons, paper clips, or pennies-that total your doubled number. Then have the child separate them into two groups.

* Pick out all the doubles in a set of dominoes together.

* Have the child make a “Doubles Book.” To prepare, take sheets of 8 ½ x 11 inch paper, and fold them  in half to form a book. On the left-hand side of each page, draw an object (for example, 1 person, 2 ducks, 3 balloons, 4 trees, and 5 flowers). Ask the childr to draw double the number objects on the right-hand side
of each page (for example, 2 people, 4 ducks, 6 balloons, 8 trees, and 10 flowers). Using a new sheet of
paper, have the children draw a cover for their Doubles Books. Staple the book.

* Have your child practice solving double addition problems with this worksheet.

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