Monday, July 5, 2010

Officer Buckle and Gloria Lesson Plan

Officer Buckle travels from school to school, giving children tips and advice on
how to keep safe. The trouble with Officer Buckle’s speeches is that they are just
too boring! When Gloria, the police dog, accompanies him to school, things
change, especially when Gloria gives a solo performance!
Before Reading:

Ask your child these questions:

1. What do police officers do?

2. What tricks do you think dogs can do?

3. Who is someone that helped you when you were in need?

4. Point out that this book won the Caldecott Award, and discuss why it may have won that award.

During Reading:

Ask your child these questions:

1. Why didn't the children like listening to Officer Buckle?

2. What rule did Mrs. Toppel break?


* Officer Buckle and Gloria reading packet fun packet for completing after reading the story, Officer Buckle and Gloria. Includes a synonym and antonym worksheet, reading comprehension questions, compound words worksheet, and a safety tip worksheet.

* Cut out the star-shaped templates in the reading packet and have your child write out the safety tips like the captions in the book.

* Discuss what police dogs really do. Compare that to what Gloria did in the story. Use this venn diagram to demonstrate.

* Officer Buckle and Gloria Vocabulary Concentration Game

* Who Wants to be a Millionaire - Officer Buckle and Gloria  Great way to test comprehension and vocabulary skills. (You must read the story before you can play) this game.

You can watch a movie of the whole book by clicking here. Just click on the video link and it will start right up in another window.

If you are interested in purchasing Officer Buckle and Gloria, please consider supporting Homeschool Parent by purchasing from the following Amazon link, thank you!

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