Sunday, July 18, 2010

Read- Aloud Tips

Looking for ways to add to your read aloud time?  Try a few of these suggestions:

1. Write down a list of new words that you didn't know. Look up the meanings for the words.
2. Write a new ending to the story.

3. Write down any words that end with the suffix ___(insert whatever suffix you are working on.)

4. Write down any words that start with the prefix ___. "                                                            "

5. Write a math problem from the story. Example: Mudge saw two rabbits. then he saw four more. How many in all did he see?

6. Illustrate your favorite part. Write a sentence or two explaining your illustration.

7. Make a puppet show about the book or one chapter from the book.

8. Create a reader's theatre of the story.

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