Thursday, August 18, 2011

Are You Ready For Some Football? Fun Football Learning Activities

Fall means football in our house - at least for our younger three boys!  We just got their football pics and although I know football players are supposed to be tough and not cute - I can't resist - Aren't they adorable!

If your little ones love football too, you may want to check out some of these football themed activities:

Football Game Board (review almost any subject with this fun game).


Count how many balls to practice counting skills.

Seeing Doubles - Practice doubling numbers with this addition worksheet.

Football Addition - Practice addition with this football themed worksheet

Football Place Value - Practice place value with this football themed worksheet

What Number is Missing - Write the missing numbers on this football themed worksheet.

Football Facts - Divide and multiply by 7 with these fun football themed worksheets.


Are you ready for some football?  - Read each set of sentences. Underline the main idea. Cross out the sentence that does not support the main idea

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Crisc said...

Awesome post! I was just having my husband explain the game of football and squares to me last night. Our team is awful so we do hockey here =)

Anonymous said...

Love the post! Your readers might also like our "Score Well in Math" Football themed game... :)