Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Calendar Daily/Morning Boards

Many homeschoolers start their day with a calendar or morning boards.  Here are a few I've seen in my perusals of other homeschooling blogs.  Maybe you will get some inspiration for your own calendar or morning board!

I love, love, love this board from Home(pre)schooling Jungle!  So many things to get inspiration from, and use.  You can take some basic ideas and change it around to match the needs of your own kiddos.

A few items to point out:

  • The left side has a days of the week poem with a little library pocket to hold the different days of the week cards.  I have purchased these pockets myself at the Dollar Tree, you could also use small mailing envelopes.
  • I love the 100s chart along with a dry erase marker to count the days of homeschooling!
  • I also love the things we are learning this week section with flashcards on rings.  You could really customize these rings to fit your homeschooling needs with anything from colors and shapes to more advanced skills such as math facts and vocabulary words.  She has four sections on hers, which could work extremely well for homeschooling multiple kiddos.  Have one review ring for each of your students.
  • On the right of the board she has used a pocket chart (they have these at many Target dollar spots right now for under $5) to provide a space for their daily schedule.  I know my kiddos like knowing what the day has in store for them, and it would be a great way to visually let them know what to expect.  You could also read it out loud during your morning meeting for your audio learners or non-readers.
I love the Veggie tale lessons on the top of this board from the Homeschooling Harts

Similar to the first board, this one was also made using a science project board.  I love that you can easily carry it from room to room, and can easily fold it for storage if need be, particularly if you don't have a dedicated homeschooling room.

I also love the alphabet chart along with pictures for practicing the alphabet and letter sounds for little ones.  Here is a link to a similar one.

You could also use a list of multiplication facts for older kiddos.

The following board from Homeschool Creations would be great for your older kiddos as well.

I love the way that she has incorporated place value into the chart on section 2 and the graphing of the temperature in section 6.  You can find these printables on her site here.

Here are a few more things that you might  find useful for a calendar or morning board:

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Calendar Tags

Daily sight words reading practice

Daily agenda

Do you do a Calendar or Daily Morning Board?  What things does yours include?

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