Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ideas For Teaching About Graphs

Graphs and charts are a great way to communicate information visually. For this reason, graphs are often used in newspapers, magazines and businesses around the world.  Because of this, it is important for your homeschoolers to learn both how to read graphs and also how to create them as well. 

I found a fun and easy site where your kiddos can create their own graphs called Create A Graph. Your child can enter data to create one of 5 different types of charts (bar graph, line graph, area chart,  pie chart, and an xy chart).  They could also use the same data to make more than one type of chart so that they can compare different ways that the same data can be presented. 

What similarities do they see? What differences? Why might they choose to use one type of chart over another.

Here are some more graphing activities:

M&M candy color graph

What color are your skittles?

Reading Graphs, Pets We Have

Reading Graphs, Our Favorite Colors

Flowers Picked Graph

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