Thursday, July 28, 2011

Animal Cracker Learning Fun

You can come up with learning ideas all around you!  I was in the grocery store the other day when I spotted these:

Instantly the wheels in my brain started spinning with all sorts of ideas to use them for.  I knew the boys would enjoy the animal theme since we had just visited an animal safari.

The first thing we used them for was graphing.  Luke used the following supplies:

He then made his own graph and graphed the animal crackers in his snack.  I asked him questions such as: what animal do you have the most of? the least of?  How many more giraffes do you have than elephants.

Tyler and Cody had learned about ecosystems and habitats, so they sorted their snacks by their habitats using this worksheet.

They also learned about animal probability using this worksheet.

Here are a few other animal cracker related activities you could try with your homeschoolers:

Animal Cracker Coloring Page

Zoo animals emergent reader

And your more advanced readers might want to learn about Dian Fossey.

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