Saturday, July 2, 2011

Multiplication Poems

If your kiddos are having a hard time learning their multiplication facts, you may want to try one of these poems:

4 x 4 Poem

Want to drive a four by four truck?

Unless you're 16, you're out of luck!

6 x 6 Poem

Six times six. Magic tricks.

Abracadabra. Thirty-six.

6 x 7 Poem

Six and Seven are sad and blue.

They make number forty-two.

4 x 7 Poem

Four and seven went fishing with bait.

Four times seven equals twenty-eight.

7 x 5 Poem

Seven and five went for a drive.

Who's in the back seat?

It's thirty-five!

7 x 7 Poem

Seven and seven were doing fine.

They make number forty-nine.

7 x 8 Poem

Seven and eight are nifty chicks.

Eight times seven is fifty-six!

8 x 8 Poem
I ate and I ate and I got sick on the floor.

Eight times eight is sixty-four.

9 x 7 Poem

Nine and seven climb a tree!

They find number sixty-three!

9 x 8 Poem

Nine and eight!

What do they do?

They go play with seventy-two!

9 x 9 Poem

Nine and nine having fun!

They play tag with 81.

12 x 7 Poem

Twelve times seven, clean the floor.

Twelve times seven is eighty-four.


Holly@A Life-Size Catholic Blog said...

I noticed your BlogHer button on your sidebar and I'm thinking of going. I've been a little hesitant because I just started blogging and I'm worried I'll be in over mt head. Have you gone before, or are you just brave?

The Paper Princess said...

Hi Kelly

What an awesome poem! :-)

Thanks for joining me at Create With Joy! Your blog is awesome! I look forward to getting to know you! :-)

Have a happy 4th!

Denise said...

Now that is a creative way to remember multiplications. Nice. Returning the follow!

AMY said...

My son loved this.....He is nine and thought these are a fun way to remember.
I'm a new follower.
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