Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Fun Way To Practice Spelling or Sight Words

I picked this up at the dollar store the other day, and we have already put it into use!

You can print out any of these must know words here (Kindergarten - fifth grade links are given), or have your child use their spelling words or words they need to practice spelling correctly. Have your child choose a word from their list, then practice writing the word.

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Edjumpoff said...

Wow, what a clever idea, I never thought to use those for writing. Stopped in for Say Hi Sunday.

Athena said...

Hi-thanks for stopping by my blog. Following you back from Molding Minds!

Jess said...

Gotta love those dollar store finds! What a great idea!

Thanks for stopping by, I'm following you back.


Kat said...

Great idea! That will work well (with my youngest) with the website we use for spelling, Spelling City! I'm lazy (horrible to admit, I know, lol!) and I like to use lists there that people have shared. Will be great to pull words from those lists and use them with this.

Thanks! :)