Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Number Ninjas From Imagine Toys - Review

What is a mom supposed to do when it is summertime, and her children are thinking of fun and games, but mom wants to make sure that they keep up on their math skills?  Bring out the Ninjas!  The Number Ninjas that is! 

Yes, my boys were BEGGING to do math when I pulled this out of the box from ImagineToys.com.  Beggin I tell you!  So, being the most awesome mom in the world (at least according to their pleas) I cracked open the box - ever so carefully, just like a true Ninja.  I fell in love the minute I opened it because it is extremely well made.  I am always nervous when I buy a game or toy that it might not be durable enough to last through 6 wild boys, but this game will definitely hold up!

And I was happy to see that there was even a Ninja mom piece for me to play along with them who looks exactly like me , well, sorta like me - ok nothing like me except that we both have curly hair!

 We quickly read the directions, set the board up, and started to play.

Each player takes turns rolling three dice, two have numbers and one has an operation sign. The player adds, subtracts, or multiplies to figure out how many spaces they get to move.  Players move around the board in search of tokens which they earn by solving fun word problems.  The goal is to collect 4 tokens and then the golden dragon.

On thing that I really love about this game (especially because my kiddos vary in age) is the fact that you can differentiate the level of play based on the dice that you use.  Younger kiddos like Luke who are just mastering addition and subtraction roll the red dice and answer easier questions, while older kiddos use blue dice which add the skill of multiplication.  Their questions are a bit trickier too.

Our verdict?  We loved it!  Number Ninjas is a must have game!  The boys love the ninjas, mom loves the numbers, and the whole family is happy with a fun game to play!
You can purchase your own Number Ninjas here.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary Number Ninjas game from Imagine Toys in order to facilitate the review. No other compensation was received, and the opinions are our own.

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