Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Roll, Say, Keep Review Game

Here is a fun game to review just about any skill from sight words to multiplication facts.  Luke and I used the game to review some of his sight words, but I have used it with my other boys to review math and  vocabulary words.  Really, the possibilities are endless!

The Supplies:

Roll Say Keep Template (we used this one)   or Roll Say Keep Sight Words Template

Mini flash cards (we used this one) which is kindergarten level.

For other grades here are a few more


1. Print out the Roll Say Keep Template here.  (Optional: Print on card stock and laminate for durability and re-use).

2. Cut up flash cards featuring desired skill.  We used the sight words here.

3. Place 6 cards face down on the template, place the others face down to the side.

4. Have your child roll the dice, then turn over the card on that space.  Have them read the word (or answer the question).  If they get the answer right, they get to keep the card, and they replace the card with one from the pile.

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