Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ten Tips For Making Your Life Easier and Efficient While On the Go

With 6 boys involved in a multidtude of activities (baseball, football, wrestling, skiing, tae kwan do, and acting) as well as juggling my own life on the city council and finishing up my Master's degree (not to mention hubby's work schedule) it seems that somedays we LIVE in our car.  Over the years I have learned a few tricks of the trade for making life work a little easier when you are always on the go.

1. Mobile Office - Keep a small box of office supplies such as pens, paper, envelopes, paper clips, bank deposit slips, stamps, etc.  Having supplies handy has helped me to multi-task while I am waiting on the boys.  I have paid bills, written grocery lists, developed lesson plans, finished my own school assignments, and more while on the go. 

2. Easy Snacking - With 6 growing boys, I have become accustomed to the dreaded sentence, "Mom, I'm hungry!"By stocking up on easy to pack snacks such as bottled water, carrot sticks, apples and peanut butter, etc. I can throw a few in a backpack for those sudden hunger attacks without breaking the bank or our busy schedule.

3. Pack it up the night before - The day of a big event is stressful enough without the added burden of having to remember if we packed the uniforms, or sports equipment. We try to pack the car up the night before to save on last minute morning scrambles.

4. Lots and lots of trash bags - My boys never cease to amaze me with their ability to make a mess. From motion sickness accidents to spilled ice-cream, our van has seen it all! I make sure to bring extra trash bags, wipes, and paper towels for all those just in case messies.

5. Boredom Busters - The invention of the ipod has been a wonder for keeping the boys busy during long car trips or days filled with errands. The boys can listen to music, play games, use some of their learning apps and more. Books, magazines, and portable games are another great option.

6. Combining Activities - Because we live about 30 minutes from town, I try to plan errands around my children's schedules and activities. For example, after Tyler's baseball camp, we ran to Staples for school supplies, PetSmart for crickets for our pet gecko, and the mall to pick up a present for my hubby's birthday on Saturday.

7. Pack extra - For some reason we always need an extra something. When the boys were younger that was usually diapers or wipes, but even with bigger kids it seems we often need a change of clothes after a messy experience with some ice cream, a slider into home base, or just because of an activity change.

8. Enlist technology - Where oh where would I be without my iphone! I not only can make calls with it, but it also keeps my calendar, my to do list, and my shopping list and also functions as a GPS, clock, calculator, and more.

9. Learn to say no - As much as we hate to admit it, moms really aren't super heroes who can do everything. Sometimes you need to focus on only the important things.

10. Don't forget about Mom! - It is so easy to get wrapped up in taking care of everyone else, that you forget about yourself. Bring along one of your favorite beverages (like iced tea or coffee) for a quick pick me up, play some tunes that you love on the radio, and relish in the wonder of those little ones who are keeping you busy!

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1 comment:

Jackie said...

I love this post. Even though our kids are still quite little (3&1) on the go can be difficult sometimes.
#2-is a definite-my son never seems to stop eating. I swear it think he's going through a growth spurt every 2 weeks.
#6-we try to do this, but do not have a very well routine/schedule planned out-so most days it's "ohh shoot, we forgot this-can you go get it?"
#8-all I can say is because of prices and job loss we had to downgrade plans and Man oh Man-I miss my android phone. :(
#10-I like this one...not used very often at all.

Thank you for the tips-will keep all in mind when on the go. :)